Unlock Agile Barriers Together For The Next 6 Months

Group calls once per month with Michael will allow you to go deeper on your leadership journey, keep accountable to your actions and hear successes from other students

Now Introducing Our Certified Agile Leadership Training Monthly Integration Calls to help you:

  • Keep accountable to your leadership journey
  • Remove blocks in your organization with your specific questions answered monthly
  • Shift your culture and mindset
  • Become more valuable in your role

The lessons from CAL 1 and the Agile Leadership Online Training do not stop in the room.. We have students sharing success stories every single month on the topics and questions answered on our monthly integration calls.

Do you remember all the concepts you learned in college?

The information, as great as it was, fades.

It fades unless we stay in the energy of it, and stay accountable with others on our journey!

We want to help you:

Create deeper transformation in our organizations, by first creating transformation in ourselves.

Stay in the mindset of a leader who can show up EVERYDAY and deliver excellence

Become the leader that others desire to work with because of the way they create brilliant leaders around them.

Become the leader who creates high performance organizations.

If you remember my story from our short time together, I didn’t get the FULL trust and respect from the teams I was leading until I changed how I showed up first.

This meant that I chose to change A LOT of behaviours and beliefs that were ingrained in me for much of my life.

  • I chose to learn how to communicate effectively
  • I chose to learn how to listen, to REALLY listen
  • I chose to learn how to trust others and earn their trust
  • I chose to learn how to create a safe environment for introverts and extroverts to all be heard and respected
  • I chose to learn how to remove deep-seeded judgemental behaviour
  • I chose to learn how to remove my competitive behaviour to create an equal, winning playing field

And we want to make sure you are too!

Once I coupled these shifts in myself with my Sahota Playbook, THAT is when my results really peaked and I became further dedicated to understanding how to create high performance and proven results.

My goal with CAL trainings is to give you the framework to allow Agile to flourish, but more importantly, help you become the vehicle that can deliver these results.

Now, I did my best to give you 100% of myself during our CAL1 experience, but there is only so much you can accomplish in two days.

The truth is, we are creatures of habit.

As much as we want change, we inherently move away from pain and towards comfort.

It takes consistent reminders, intention, motivation, and accountability to really move the needle.

Which is why I wanted to create a way to take you back to the energy you left the CAL training with. To consistently pull you back to the lessons, the principles, and the ah-ha moments so we can keep steering in the right direction.

Community and accountability is what creates lasting change, which is now available to you once a month on our CAL Integration Calls.


  • To create a community of like minded leaders who are committed to growing themselves and inspiring leadership around them.

  • A way to keep you engaged and learning in a community of CAL graduates.

  • Review and elaboration of CAL playbook and approach

  • New insights and updates on the CAL

  • Opportunity to get help with your challenges with email and interactive Q&A

Stay Connected And Join Us On The Sahota CAL Monthly Integration Calls…

First Tuesday of every month at 5:00pm Eastern (North America)

  • Pacific (North America) - 2:00 P.M.
  • UK - 10:00 P.M.
  • Australia - 8:00 A.M. (Wednesday morning)
  • New Zealand - 10:00 A.M. (Wednesday morning)

  Times will vary with daylight savings times changes so get your correct time here.

One call per month.

50 minutes of training and Q&A with Michael Sahota.

Only $147 ONE TIME for 6 months of access to the live meeting room.

How To Join Us Monthly

Signup is easy, just click the button below to invest online and you'll receive the details by email.

The private link will be sent out afterwards and the accountability will begin.

Join the movement of individuals creating consciously Agile organizations.  

I’ll see you on our next call...

What If I can't make the call?

We will be recording all of the calls and sending the recording in a private email the following day for those who can't make it or who want to archive the trainings.


How do I join the calls?

The calls are going to be done over Zoom platform, meaning you can join from your phone or computer. It's a simple app, download or call in to listen in and participate.

Who is the call for?

These calls are for students of my CAL1, CAL2, and Online Leadership Agile Training programs. The intent is to go deeper on the training you've received and give you guidance on navigating the Playbook in your organization.

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